Welcome to neilfred.com, a site about NeilFred Picciotto.

Here's some more about NeilFred elsewhere on the web:

derf.net - I have a blog that I haven't updated in ages.

google.com - My Google profile.

twitter.com - I've been playing with Twitter lately. Who knows how long that'll last.

flickr.com - Occasionally I post photos on Flickr.

livejournal.com - I only very rarely post anything there myself. Lately I haven't even been keeping up with what my friends say there.

youtube.com - If I were to post videos on YouTube, you'd find them here, but I pretty much don't.

facebook.com - Frankly I'm not terribly impressed with Facebook as a company, but I must admit that they have done certain things quite well.

orkut.com - I pretty much stopped keeping my Orkut profile up to date around the time the site was overrun with Brazilians.

friendfeed.com - Data from some of the above are aggregated together on FriendFeed, which might be useful to you if you happen to use FriendFeed. But note that if you comment there on my things, I probably won't see it because I don't really ever go there.

Note: this page mainly exists to provide XFN links, not so much for people to look at. Specifically, the above links are tagged with rel="me" so that the Social Graph API (and other software like it) will know who I am around the web.